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A voluntary group or union (also sometimes called a voluntary organization, common-interest association,:266 or just an association) is a group of

Cigna provides voluntary benefit solutions that make it affordable for employers to give employees the choice of coverage they deserve.

Definition of Voluntary group a group of individually owned retail stores that buy from the same wholesaler and achieve economies of scale, such as store name

Voluntary groups are set up by ordinary people and they aim to help others in the local community. Your OXFAM is a voluntary group. What do they do?

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Voluntary Group Life Insurance – Looking for free insurance quotes? Compare multiple insurance rates with ease! Compare rates for health, auto, home, life and more.

responsibility for, the Commonwealth of Virginia Voluntary Group Long Term Care Insurance Program (the “Plan”) in which employees of local governments,

Voluntary Group Benefits. What do employees look for in a new job? For many, The solution is voluntary insurance products from Companion Life.

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Define voluntary. voluntary synonyms, voluntary pronunciation, voluntary translation, English dictionary definition of voluntary. adj. 1.

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How groups are classified in Sociology ? Youth associate are examples of voluntary groups. An involuntary group is based on kinship such as the family.

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