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Oct 15, 2016 · There are many different locations and types of body piercings. Here’s an overview of various body modification piercing styles and their meanings.

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Welcome to Types of Body Piercings 101, where we’ll be collegeing you on all the different types of piercings people get. If you want to get a body piercing but don’t

Like all other types of body piercing, genital piercings are decorative, appealing to the people wearing them.

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Types Of Male Genital Piercing and that those who really don’t enjoy sounding or other types of play wherein the urethra is Magic Cross Piercings

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Elayne Angel of The Piercing Bible provides information about male genital piercings including the Prince Albert, Ampallang, Apadravya, Frenum, Guiche, Dydoe, Lorum

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Hey guys ive been interested in cock piercings for a while. I was wondering how many different types of piercings there are and how does it effect sex.

Category Archives: Male Genital Piercings. Great For Prince Albert Piercings Awesome for PA’s, Nipples & More Donut Ball Stretching Weights

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WebMD explains the types of genital piercings as well as the risks associated with them and how to care for an infection.

Apr 07, 2009 · What are the different types of penis piercing and there pain levels? Follow . Report Types Of Penis Piercings. Source(s): https://shrink.im/a0GOf.

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Female and male genital piercings are really popular these days. Why? They’re sexy! Plus, many genital piercings provide sexual pleasure…but which ones?

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